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Match Betting:

If a player retires or is disqualified at any point during a match ALL bets will be graded as NO ACTION and the money will be refunded.


Delay or Suspension:

If the start of a match is delayed, or if play during a match is suspended, all pending wagers will remain valid for 48 hours. If the postponement lasts more than 48 hours, all wagers will be canceled and the monies refunded.


Futures (Ante post) Betting:

All futures (Ante post) bets have action. Should a player withdraw before a tournament begins, bets on that player to win the tournament lose.


Change of Venue or Playing Surface:

If the venue or playing surface for a match is changed, the wagering odds for match bets will be adjusted. Match bets placed at the pre-adjustment odds are void.

Futures or Ante post wagers will stand.

Tennis in game lines (Live Line) Two full sets must be completed for wagers to stand, no 48 hour rule applied in case the match gets suspended.


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