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All wagers accepted by this site are subject to these rules.


We reserve the right to cancel any wager made on an obviously "bad" line or a wager made after an event has started.


We reserve the right to refuse, restrict, cancel or limit any wager.


Wagers are graded only after the contest is final.


The winner of an event will be determined on the date of the event's conclusion; we do not recognize protested games or overturned decisions for wagering purposes. The result of an event suspended after the start of competition will be decided according to the wagering rules specified for that sport by us.


You must be at least 18 years of age to join our site.


In all futures wagering (for example, total season wins, World Series Winner, etc.), the winner as determined by the League Commissioner will also be declared the winner for betting purposes except when the minimum number of games required for the future to have 'action' has not been completed.

Las Vegas rules will apply to any rule or wager not covered by the rules and regulations herein.


All rules, regulations and payoffs contained herein are subject to changes and revisions by us without prior written notice.


Minimum and maximum wager amounts on all sporting events will be determined by us and are subject to change without prior written notice.

We also reserve the right to adjust limits on individual accounts as well.


This site relies entirely upon the information provided by the customer in the application in order to establish a wagering account.


We are not responsible for any form of misrepresentation by the customer.


In the event funds are credited to a customer's account in error, it is incumbent upon the customer to notify us of aforesaid error without delay. Unless otherwise notified by us, any transaction resulting from the error shall be void.


READ BACK IS FINAL: After wagers are placed by telephone, the phone clerk will read back the wagers. If the read back or confirmation is correct, client must re-confirm wagers by stating their client number and password. If a client confirms a read back where the telephone clerk made a mistake, the wager is final. It is the responsibility of the client to correct any errors during the read back.


In the event a customer does not hear the read back due to technical difficulties (disconnection, etc) it is the customer's responsibility to call back immediately to confirm his wager(s). Please, call back to confirm your wager(s).


When wagering on the Internet, members are solely responsible for their own account transactions. Please be sure to review your wagers for any mistakes before sending them in. Once a transaction is complete, it cannot be changed. We do not take responsibility for missing or duplicate wagers made by the client and will not entertain discrepancy requests because a play is missing or duplicated. Clients may review their wagers in the Open Wagers section of the site after each session to ensure all requested wagers were accepted. CHECK ALL TRANSACTIONS CAREFULLY!

Disputes must be lodged within seven (7) days from the date the wager in question has been decided. No claims will be honored after this period. The client is solely responsible for their account transactions.


Each client is wholly responsible for maintaining the secrecy of his betting account and should make every effort to prevent the use of his personal account number by any third party. Any transactions entered into where the account holder's number and password have been given to affect a wager shall stand as bona fide transactions dependent only upon the current balance in the account.

In the event a customer suspects a third party may have their client number and password, the customer may at any time ask to change to a new password.

We shall not be responsible for any damages or losses deemed or alleged to have resulted from or been caused by this Web site or its content. This includes any person's use or misuse of its content, the inability of any person to connect with or use the site, delay in operations or transmission, failure of communication lines, or any errors or omissions in content.


All account balances and transactions appear in U.S. currency ($).


Lottery Winnings Rule. On occasion we will have customers who win an enormous amount of money. In cases such as this we apply what it calls the 'Lottery Winnings Rule'. This stipulates that the customer may make a withdrawal from his account of no more than 3x the credit limit that the customer started the week with. Example: If a customer has a $5,000 credit limit and wins $50,000 in one week the customer may request a withdrawal of at maximum of $15,000 ($5,000 x 3) from his/her account per week, until the balance is fully withdrawn.


In those types of games or contests in which a draw is a common result, We may offer a three-way line with the draw as the third betting option. In these cases, when the outcome is a draw, only those bettors who wagered on the draw will be paid as winners; those who wagered on either team or contestant to win will lose their stake.


We reserve the right to suspend a client account without prior notice and return all funds.


We communicate with our clients via the email address & phone number listed during the sign up process. It is the responsibility of the customer to maintain an active email account, to provide us with the correct email address and to advise us of any changes in the address or phone number. Any customer not having an email address and/or phone number reachable by us will have his account suspended until such an address and/or phone number is provided to us.


In the event of there being a discrepancy between the English language version of these rules and any other language version, the English language version will be deemed to be correct.


We reserve the right to void wagers placed on an obious line mistake.


Wagers placed after an outcome has ocurred will ve void.




Live wagering is available online ONLY.

Live Lines are available for all major sports and consist only of straights wagers (no hookups) that vary between a spread, total and or moneyline depending on the event.

All Live lines are for the complete game score including overtime unless otherwise stated.

Live Lines will be offered at our discretion. We do not guarantee a line at any point in the game.

Live lines have the same rules as the regular lines for grading purposes.

All players playing live in game line agreed to the following RULES****

We reserve the right to refuse, restrict, cancel or limit any live game wager.

All live wagering tickets are subject for review during the duration of the game, for the wager to stand.

Past post tickets due to linechange and/ or score after tickets are submitted will not be acceped.

Any obvious or bad line as judged by us will be canceled regardless of when the wager was placed.

Do to the nature of the live lines there is a retention period after placing a wager for review to have action.

DEFINITION: If you have a ticket number, it means you submitted a request for betting that line and it does not mean your bet is CONFIRMED. Once we received that ticket it will then be subject for review for the wager to have action.

In the event of any particular infomation (line, score, and time of game etc) being incorrect we assume NO liability for this.

For the purpose of live in-game betting, customers should be aware that transmissions described as live by some broadcasters may actually be delayed. The extent of any delay may vary between customers, depending on the set-up through which they are receiving pictures or data.



Straight bets are bets placed on a side or a total or money line on any sport. As well as special wagers such as futures, propositions or match ups.



A straight bet on a spread (one of the playing teams) usually involves a point-spread. In this case you are wagering on a team to win the given time period on which you wager (game, halves or periods) after the score is adjusted by the particular point-spread. Normally point spreads are at a flat line, which means risking $110 to win $100. The favorite is denoted by the minus sign and the underdog by the plus sign. Home teams are always listed on the bottom, unless otherwise specified, for example Bowl games.


For example:

Colts -1 ½ Dolphins +1 ½, if you take the Colts, they must win by at least 2 points, in order to cover the spread, and if you take the Dolphins, they can lose by 1 point, for them to be covered by the spread.


When you wager on a total you are wagering that the score of the game for the given time period (game, halves or periods) will be over or under a designated number. This wager is for the combined total for both teams playing to go over or under the designated number. There is also Team Totals, in which case only the selected team's score will count towards the wager. Normally totals are at a flat line, which means risking $110 to win $100. Total wagers on the full game or 2nd half include overtime periods except in the case of Soccer when three way betting is offered ( the tie is offered as a betting option). If the tie is offered as an option overtime is not included in the calculation of the game total. Overtime is NOT included in 4th quarter wagers or 3rd period wagers.



Money lines are used to some degree in most major Sports. In a money-line bet you are wagering on the outright winner of the contest independent of any point-spread. For every money line there is one number for each of the two sides of the play, the underdog and the favorite. An example of a money-line in football is:


Colts -140 Dolphins +120

In this example the favorite is denoted by the minus sign and the underdog by the plus sign. You would wager $140 to win $100 on the Colts (the favorite) and you would wager $100 to win $120 on the Dolphins (the underdog). Because no point-spread is used to determine the winner you must risk more money to win less on the favorite and vice-versa on the underdog.



When wagering on baseball you can select the run line as your wager option. A baseball run line is a combination of a point spread and a money line. In a run line you lay 1.5 runs on the favorite and also you either lay or get money depending upon the degree of the favorite. The reverse is true for the underdog. You get 1.5 runs and again you either lay or get money depending on the degree of the underdog. An example of a run line is:


Yankees +1.5 -140

Dodgers -1.5 +120

In this example you get 1.5 runs with the Yankees but you must lay $140 to win $100. If you choose the Dodgers you must lay 1.5 runs but you get $120 for every $100 you lay.



You cannot take a parlay between the run line and the Total of the same game.

Run lines are always Listed Pitchers and the game must go 9 innings, 8 1/2 if the home team is winning.


At our site we offer proposition wagers on selected college and pro games. These can include individual player propositions and team propositions. Players and teams must start the contest for the props to be considered action and where applicable the game must go the official length for the prop to be action.


Future wagers can also be found at our site. These include wagers to win the championship, conference, division, etc. Over/Under on season wins are also available. All bets are paid at the conclusion of the event or season in question. In the event of a dispute not covered here Las Vegas rules apply.


There are different limits on the various propositions and they can only be played as a straight wager no hookups are allowed.



Teasers allow you to select multiple teams AND GIVES YOU A NUMBER OF POINTS THAT CHANGES THE LINE TO YOUR ADVANTAGE. Teasers are only for football and basketball. The number of points varies depending on the sport and number of teams selected. All special and super teasers (10 to 13 points) any tie is a loss. All claims on teasers please contact your Agent.



If bets are a chain of conditional straight wagers based on two possible conditions: If win (single action) and if win, tie or cancel (double action). In the first case, single action, the bettor will have action on the next wager in the chain only if the first one wins and so on down the chain. In double action the player will have action on the next bet and so on if the first bet wins, ties or cancels. You may hook up to 10 selections max.


If bets can contain 2 or more selections and cannot have any open spots. All parts of an individual if bet must be placed at the same time and be for the same amount or lower than the one before it. All bets are graded on an individual basis. This bet lets the player have action on a multiple number of games with minimal risk. You are using the money you wagered on the first game to wager on the second and so forth. Each bet is graded independently so you do not have to win all selections like a teaser or parlay.



A reverse bet (also known as an action reverse) is a set of if-bets going both forward and in reverse order.


For Example:

The First Part:


IF Miami Dolphins -3.5 $110 to win $100 Double Action

(If win, push, no action, or cancelled)



Phoenix Suns (-175) Risk $110 to win $63

Second Part:


IF Phoenix Suns (-175) $110 to win $63 Double Action

(If win, push, no action, or cancelled)



Miami Dolphins -3.5 Risk $110 to win $100

Total risk- $220 (maximum risk) to win $326

Possible outcomes:


If the Dolphins and the Suns both win, you will win $163 on the first part of the wager and $163 on the reverse part, for total winnings of $326.


If the Dolphins win and the Suns lose, you will lose $10 on the first part of the wager and $110 on the reverse part, for total losses of $120.


If the Suns win and the Dolphins lose, you will lose $110 on the first part of the wager and $47 on the reverse part, for total losses of $157.

If one team pushes, is no action, or is cancelled and the other team is a loss, you will lose $220.

If one team pushes, is no action, or is cancelled and the other team wins, you will either win $126 (63+63) for the Suns or $200 for the Dolphins (100+100).




- A parlay is a wager in which you choose 2 or more teams or totals together in one wager in order to receive a larger payout while risking a smaller amount of money.


- You can mix and match different sports into parlays, and even create parlays with the same game (with some restrictions).


- Correlated parlays are not allowed. An example of this would be a parlay with the 1st half and the game spread of the same game.


- A loss on any part of the parlay constitutes a loss.


- In the case of a push AND all other winners the parlay reverts down one level.


For example, a 6-team parlay with one push and five winning plays would revert to a 5-team parlay for purposes of payout.

- In the case of a 2-team parlay with one push and one winner the parlay will revert to a strait wager with the amount of the parlay used as the "risk" amount.


For example a 2-team parlay with both teams at the standard -110 would pay out 91% of the parlay amount.

- When a money line is used in the parlay it has the potential to alter the payout amount in either direction depending on the line.



- Open parlays are allowed and the open spot must be filled by Sunday at midnight the week the wager was placed.


- In the case of a push and all other winners the parlay reverts down one level. For example, a 6-team parlay with one push and five winning plays would revert to a 5-team parlay and will pay 5 team parlay odds.


- In the case of a 2-team parlay with one push and one winner the parlay will revert to a strait wager with the amount of the parlay used as the "risk" amount. For example a 2-team with one push would pay out as a straight wager, based on the odds of the winning choice.


- Buying points on parlays is allowed, you may buy up to 2 pts, Note that buying points will change the payout odds.



 Round robin bets are multi-team bets between three and ten teams. These teams are then used to create as many two team parlay combinations as possible. In a round robin bet, the amount you bet is the amount that is bet on each two team parlay. If you bet $200 on 6 two team parlays, you are betting a total of $1200. If one of your teams in the round robin bet loses, then all parlays associated with that team also lose. In the case of a push with one of your teams, all parlays associated with that team become a straight bet. The risk on this straight bet is the same as the parlay. Each two team parlay has a 13/5 (2.6/1) payout.


Round Robin Bet









Let's analyze the above Round Robin bet by each two team parlay. To figure out how many two team parlays you have simply use this formula:


NT (NT-1)/2 where NT = number of teams


In our example we have 3 two team parlays.


NY Giants and the Chicago Bulls. You lost this parlay because your Chicago Bulls bet lost.

NY Giants and SD Chargers. You won this parlay because both your bets were winners.

Chicago Bulls and SD Chargers. You lost this parlay because the Chicago Bulls bet lost. As stated above, all parlays associated with a losing bet lose.

In sum, you risked $300. The maximum you could have won was $780 if all your two team parlays were winners. However, only 1 out of 3 parlays won. You lost $200 and won $260 leaving you with a total of $60.



Open wagers allow our members to play teasers or parlays making one selection at different times or even different days.



3 Team Parlay $100 to win $600

Cowboys -8

Dolphins -14




* Any open wager left unfilled/pending must be closed within the same week of action.



Buying points moves the point spread in your favor by the number of points purchased.  Customers may buy half points on football and basketball game sides and totals only.  First half and half-time point buying is not available. Each half point purchased increases in cost for each additional point.  The maximum amount of points allowed is 2 points.


The number "3" and "7" in the football are key numbers.  It costs extra to buy on and off these numbers.   The amount of the extra cost will vary from league and from sport.




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